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Providing a roadmap for first-time homebuyers and investors to make smart, profitable real estate decisions.

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Real Estate Buying Strategy

Buying a home or investing in real estate is one of the most expensive and life-altering decisions most people make. But few take the time to educate themselves on the process, market, laws, strategies and economics involved. That’s where I come in.

My job as your real estate coach is to provide you with a roadmap for understanding the real estate market, tailored to the individual situation you’re facing.

Familiarizing yourself with important concepts and practices can help you to make sound buying decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Getting my insider’s perspective as a real estate agent and investor can give you the edge to make smart, strategic decisions.

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Throughout the process, Dana gave us honest feedback that allowed us to approach decisions with realistic expectations rather than based on what we wanted to hear or thought we knew.
— Emily
Having Dana as my ally throughout the transaction was critical. She gave me sound, unbiased advice and stayed with me at every step.
— Artie
You’ve single-handedly changed how I will approach my real estate venture. Thank you again for your awesome insight.
— Pascal
She is super responsive, knowledgeable and thorough. Dana brought so much insight to the process - from pointing out key details during house tours that we wouldn’t have noticed, to figuring out the right offer to make, she guided us every step of the way.
— Pat


Why Real Estate Coaching?

Real estate is an expensive endeavor, and the process can be truly confusing. I’ve been there. I bought my first investment property at 22 and I’ve been climbing the real estate ladder since. My guidance and resources provide a roadmap that gets you confident entering the real estate market and finding your first home or investment property.

About Me


I am a licensed real estate agent, investor and landlord. After college, I began purchasing real estate in the Boston area. My passion for the industry grew as I learned and built up my investment portfolio. As you can imagine, it was hard to be taken seriously as a young female real estate professional working in one of the most competitive markets in the country. In order to be an effective agent and investor, I had to work harder and smarter.

I know how overwhelming it can be to get started with buying real estate. Without guidance, it's easy for a first-time buyer or new investor to get lost in the shuffle. As a realtor, I quickly realized the demand for some good old fashioned coaching and mentorship. I take great pride in helping buyers prepare for the home-buying process.